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Hands-On Conservation For the Next Generation

Bring your students to conservation hotspots around the world.

Hands-on Science in Incredible Locations

At each of our field sites, natural wonders are waiting for you to discover. Our model makes it easy for you to get there - one educator travels at no cost with a group of six students or more (and two educators travel at no cost with twelve or more students).

Planning a student group happens in 3 main steps:

  1. Click "Get Started": We'll put you  in touch with an EPI course representative that can help you along the way
  2. Pick Dates & Location: We'll help you determine the best dates and locations for your interestests and school calendar
  3. Enroll Students: EPI will send you promotional materials to help spread the word to your students and get them enrolled online

Once the students enroll for your course online, we'll take care of all of the paperwork and payment details!  Easy as that!  Click "Get Started" to begin.

Get Started Download a Catalog

Step 1: Build Your Student Group.

Printable flyers and brochures
Videos and presentations for informational meetings
Fundraising options for individual students and groups
A step-by-step guide for hosting parent/student Q&A sessions

See All Materials
Step 2: Prepare for Your Trip.

Videos about your program site & focus areas
Related lesson plans ready for your classroom
Links to related articles and useful websites
And much much more!

Pre-Course Curriculum Ideas

Riverdale High School (Oregon)

"EPI makes travel a hassle-free experience - the support I get is amazing."

Athenian School (California)

"EPI leaders' knowledge of science and natural history, familiarity with the country and culture, bilingual fluency, safety and first-aid skills, and ability to work well with students and adult chaperones is extraordinary."

Greenhills School (Michigan)

"Our two full-time group leaders were amazingly competent in a wide range of demands, while still remaining creative, kind, funny, and charming."