Whale Ecology 


  • Collect data on humpback whales

  • Study grey whales on the Pacific Coast of the southern Baja Peninsula

  • Study sustainability at a local fishing village

The waters of Baja, Mexico are home to more than a third of the world's marine mammals. Travel to the Gulf of California and the shores of the Pacific to study two of the most charismatic - the grey whale and the humpback. Work with researchers to collect acoustic recordings, DNA samples, and behavioral data on these immense animals.


Health & Safety

Planning & Support

Tuition, Financial Aid, & Fundraising


Your Fieldwork

Travel by boat and work with whales

Every year the waters off the coast of Cabo Pulmo witness a great migration of whales. Travel by boat to log sightings of adult and newborn humpbacks and record behavioral and environmental data that will help conservationists protect these species.

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Partner Profile

Dr. Jorge Urban Ramirez is the Principal Investigator at the Marine Mammal Program at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur.  As one of the leading specialists on the whales of the Mexican Pacific, including humpback and gray whales, he has published dozens of studies on the behavior and population structure of cetaceans, but he is also an impassioned educator and an enthusiastic partner with EPI, where he's inspired students for more than a decade.

“EPI opens doors that kids didn’t know were available. They become interested in the environment because they actually get the chance to connect with it." 

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