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COVID-19 - We're in this together

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our communities, creating new and shifting policies that impact the way we gather and travel. The nature of our work, our play, and our forms of communication have changed, and we're changing with it.   


EPI continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and adapt its policies and procedures so that–when you're ready to travel again–you can do so with the safety, flexibility, and information you need. EPI's policies are informed by CDC guidance and are periodically updated as this guidance and public health situations change. Please return to this page regularly as your course date draws near to keep up to date on the policies unique to your program location.

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Enhanced Risk Management

The safety of EPI's participants is its top priority, and we have adapted additional procedures to assess and minimize the risks associated with COVID-19. These practices address risk management in three critical phases.

EPI minimizes the risk of COVID-19 before the course begins by:

  • Establishing clear criteria for program cancellation due to elevated COVID outbreaks

  • Requesting all participants abide by precautionary measures such as physical distancing and use of face coverings during the 14 days prior to course

  • Requiring all participants to submit negative COVID-19 test result or proof of immunity 

  • Prohibiting participants with COVID-19 symptoms, or those with close to contact with those experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms, from participating in the program

​EPI reduces the risk during the program by:

  • Conducting daily health screenings

  • Requiring physical distancing and the use of face coverings

  • Conducting the majority of the program in outdoor settings

  • Limiting group sizes and taking numerous, other precautionary measures

EPI will respond to any COVID 19 related on-course incident by:

  • Following strict Personal Protection protocols during first aid and care

  • Isolating the participant from the rest of the group

  • Activating its Emergency Response System and securing testing following the directions of local health services

  • Create quarantine conditions as necessary

For more a more detailed review of EPI's Risk Management protocols for COVID-19, please see our Policies & Logistics.

Mask Use

Masks are no longer being enforced on public transportation by the CDC and the U.S. federal government, but EPI strongly recommends that you wear a mask when traveling to and from your course to protect yourself and others. Instructors may still require participants to wear masks on course at their discretion, especially during indoor activities or when riding in vehicles. 

Travel to Programs

Participants are expected to take precautionary measure to avoid exposure to COVID-19 before travel. EPI also requires all participants to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within three days of the course start date OR proof of immunity. Proof of immunity can be in the form of a record of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis followed by a recovery period or a COVID-19 vaccination record. 


EPI does not require vaccination for its programs, but we do strongly recommend vaccination as a means to protect not only yourself, but also your fellow travelers and the people you interact with on course. Additionally, vaccination significantly reduces the likelihood that you will test positive during your travel, which can result in lengthy and expensive quarantines.

Governments in some program areas require vaccination. Please see country-specific travel requirements below. 


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