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Embracing Change & Honoring Transitions: EPI Bids Farewell to Brant Warren

Today, we come together to announce the departure of our Executive Director, Brant Warren, who, for the past 13 years, has been an embodiment of one of our organization's core values: Personal Growth for Collective Change. Throughout his tenure, Brant has strived to drive and exemplify this principle, and it is with a mix of nostalgia and gratitude that we bid farewell.

A seasoned professional in outdoor education with deep connections to Latin America, Brant embarked on his journey with EPI in 2010, when he joined as the Mexico Program Manager. Over the years, his unwavering dedication and expertise led him to assume the position of Operations Director, where he skillfully navigated the organization's complex logistics. In October of 2019, when the time came for EPI's Co-founder, Scott Pankratz, to step down, Brant accepted the role of Executive Director, assuming the responsibility of guiding EPI into its next chapter – unaware that the organization, and the globe, were poised to enter into a period that would test and ultimately prove the downfall of many nonprofits.

Thanks to Brant's consistent and unwavering dedication, adaptability, and exceptional operational skills, EPI was able to navigate the significant challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. His leadership has been instrumental in not only ensuring EPI's survival but also establishing a strong foundation for our future success. His trajectory within EPI serves as a testament to his personal passion for conservation and education, making him a natural leader in our collective pursuit of environmental stewardship.

We honor his remarkable contributions and celebrate the indelible impact he has left on our organization - epitomizing the transformative power of personal growth for fostering collective change. Join us as we celebrate and embrace this transition, recognizing it as a catalyst for a future with exciting possibilities and continued dedication to EPI's core values.

"I never imagined I’d stay in one place for so long, but in reality, it wasn’t one place. I’ve held three different positions in EPI, traveled extensively working in six different countries, and have been fortunate to share this time with countless numbers of wonderful and caring people." - Brant Warren

Brant's contributions have laid a solid foundation for the next leader to build upon as we continue to pursue our mission. Miguel Fuentes (Director of Operations and Innovation) and Haley Hanson (Director of Communications and Culture) will act as interim co-Executive Directors during this transitional period.


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