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Pre-Course Curriculum

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Before You Go: Classroom Tools and Lessons

We've created and sought out resources for your classroom to help prepare you and your students for our courses. Suggestions for other materials you'd like to see? Let us know!

EPI Teachers Weigh In

"You can make a difference, and especially when you rally individuals together and you’re passionate, and you have a goal, you can make little steps and it’s going to become contagious - few will become many, and you’ll create positive changes." - Emily Fair, 2015

EPI Teachers Weigh In

"When I began to plan a student trip to Yellowstone, EPI quickly and efficiently helped with every part of the process. One of the best parts about EPI is that they handle all the paperwork and payments online, so it makes organizing a course so much easier!" - Katrina Alegado, 2015 EPI Educator