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Ana Beatriz Hernández

Costa Rica Instructor

Born, raised, and currently dwelling in Heredia, Ana Beatriz's connection with EPI sprouted as a student, kindling a fervor for Biology and guiding her toward a career path in Environmental Interpretation. Specializing in this field, she has actively participated in diverse conservation programs, leaving a notable imprint with SINACCONIFOR's national forest fires prevention campaign. Her involvement spans various domains, including awareness, environmental education, and prevention and control initiatives.

This odyssey is Ana Beatriz's expression of gratitude, an opportunity to reciprocate the wonders that Biology and Conservation have unfolded before her. EPI, in her teenage years, sparked a commitment to making a positive impact on others, akin to the transformative experiences she had at 15 and 17.

Beyond the realms of conservation, Ana Beatriz discovers joy in the harmonies of tropical music and tango, the exhilaration of trail running, the solace of reading, and the exploration of new landscapes through travel. Her interests also encompass the artistry of gardening, the serenity of bird watching, and engaging conversations with friends and loved ones. An avid learner, she continues to deepen her understanding of the world around her.

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