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César Castro Azofeifa

Costa Rica Instructor

Meet César, a passionate Costa Rica Instructor hailing from Escazú, now residing in San José. With a strong foundation in science, César's academic journey began with studies in chemical engineering before transitioning to biology, where his focus has expanded into marine mammals, bioacoustics, and environmental education. For the past 5 years, César has dedicated his efforts to working with coastal communities, striving to foster conservation initiatives. Excited to join EPI, César sees it as a crucial step in his professional journey, presenting opportunities to delve into new subjects, collaborate with inspiring individuals, and immerse himself in the breathtaking natural landscapes.EPI provides the perfect platform for César to broaden his expertise by working with unfamiliar taxonomic groups, a process he believes will enhance his professional growth. Alongside his role at EPI, César spearheads the "Orcas CR" project, researching tropical cetaceans, particularly odontocetes.An avid reader and occasional writer, César contributes to "La Nación" newspaper, focusing on environmental topics. Notably, he secured a grant from Panacetacea, an environmental NGO, to pursue research on spotted dolphins for his thesis. César's early achievements include reaching the finals of the national chemistry olympics during high school.

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