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Charlotte Terry

Yellowstone Instructor

Charlotte Terry, originally from Arlington, Virginia, has a rich background that spans various regions, including Colorado, Wyoming, Hawaii, and California, since her graduation from James Madison University in 2022. With a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, Charlotte has an extensive academic and practical experience in environmental fields. Her studies took her beyond the classroom, engaging in projects like implementing agroforestry systems on local farms and studying abroad in Kenya. There, she not only learned Swahili but also gained valuable insights into wildlife, conservation systems, and gender studies. Joining Ecology Project International, Charlotte is eager to build a vibrant community and inspire enthusiasm for the outdoors in a new and exhilarating environment. She is particularly thrilled to work with an organization that emphasizes field research and wildlife conservation. In her free time, Charlotte is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking. Indoors, she indulges in reading, with interests ranging from environmental literature to the Percy Jackson series, knitting, visiting coffee shops, and baking. Her academic excellence is highlighted by her receipt of the James Madison University's Geography Achievement Award and the IN8 Society's recognition award for service and leadership in the university and community, showcasing her commitment to both academic and civic engagement.

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