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Cris Zúñiga

Costa Rica Instructor

Meet Cris, our dedicated Costa Rica Instructor, currently residing in the enchanting Caribbean region of Costa Rica. Holding a degree in Ecological Tourism (2020) and Ecotourism Management (2024) from the prestigious UCR, Cris brings a solid educational foundation to her role.

Cris's connection with Pacuare Reserve runs deep – she started as an EPI student in 2013 and later returned as a volunteer in 2023, showcasing her commitment to environmental conservation. Since a young age, her passion for ecology, conservation, and sea turtles has been unwavering.

Her involvement in social management projects with youth in rural areas and her role as a representative for environmental issues in the Cultural Association of her community demonstrate Cris's dedication to making a positive impact. Joining EPI is not just a job for Cris; it's an opportunity to continue her own learning journey and share her knowledge with new generations.

Cris believes that her education and diverse experiences will contribute significantly to building enriching experiences for visitors, students, teachers, and colleagues at Pacuare Reserve. Her deep-rooted passion for conservation and environmental education aligns perfectly with the mission of the reserve.

Outside of her environmental pursuits, Cris enjoys reading in her free time and embraces her love for travel, particularly as a backpacker. Having volunteered in reserves, national parks, and cultural associations, Cris brings a wealth of practical experience to her role, making her a valuable asset to the Pacuare Reserve team. Get ready to be inspired by Cris's dedication to conservation and her enthusiasm for creating meaningful connections with nature.

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