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Jennifer Castro Vasquez

Sales and Reservation Assistant for Pacuare Reserve

Jennifer Castro Vasquez hails from Palmares, Alajuela, Costa Rica, and currently resides in her hometown. A University of Costa Rica graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Ecological Tourism, Jennifer brings over 10 years of extensive experience in the tourism industry.

Her journey in tourism has seen her assume various roles in travel agencies, including customer service, reservations, sales, team leadership, and a focus on sustainability and occupational health. This diverse background has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry's different facets.

Joining the EPI team is a realization of a long-held aspiration for Jennifer. The organization's dedicated emphasis on conservation and environmental education aligns seamlessly with her passionate commitment to these crucial areas. Being part of a team working towards a positive impact on the planet resonates deeply with Jennifer's values.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jennifer's heart lies in agriculture, particularly organic farming. She finds joy in cultivating the land and exploring sustainable practices for food production. In her leisure time, she dedicates herself to fitness and health, recognizing the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

In addition to her roles in the tourism sector, Jennifer has shared her knowledge as an ecological tourism teacher in the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. Education, for her, is a powerful tool, and she is grateful for the opportunities to contribute to the growth and understanding of ecological tourism in her community.

Thrilled to be part of the EPI family, Jennifer looks forward to contributing her skills and passion to the organization's mission of conservation and environmental education.

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