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Joe Loviska

Yellowstone Program Manager

Joe's educational mission is to be part of the conservation movement by helping connect young people with natural landscapes through the lens of justice, social-ecological systems, and natural history. He began his love affair with landscapes when he left his hometown of Seattle, WA to move to Missoula in 2003, where he studied English and creative writing at the University of Montana. Joe later earned a Master of Education from Western Washington University, with certificates in Northwest Natural History and Non-Profit Administration.

Professionally, Joe worked in small-scale community agriculture, sustainable transportation, local manufacturing, and recreation-based tourism in Yellowstone before turning his focus to alternative models of environmental education. Today, Joe is an integral part of the EPI team, empowering others in the Yellowstone Program office to provide transformative landscape experiences to hundreds of EPI students every year.

Outside of work, Joe finds joy in volunteering at Missoula's community bike shop FreeCycles, hiking with his dogs, carving wooden objects, jumping over creeks, and tinkering in his garage. Above all, he cherishes the wildness of nature and the people and communities who practice reciprocity with the land.

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