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Katherine Mena

Costa Rica Instructor

Meet Katherine Mena Madrigal, our esteemed Costa Rica Instructor, whose academic journey and professional experience weave a tapestry of environmental education and multicultural engagement.

Katherine pursued Natural Sciences and Environmental Education at Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, laying the foundation for her commitment to ecological awareness. Currently, she is expanding her knowledge by studying Organizational Development and Human Talent Management at Universidad de Costa Rica.

After graduating, Katherine embarked on a fulfilling career as a Biology teacher and environmental educator, channeling her passion for the natural world into transformative learning experiences. Since 2006, she has actively contributed to multicultural volunteer programs for local and international NGOs, sharing her deep appreciation for tropical ecosystems and sea turtles.

Outside her professional endeavors, Katherine finds joy in thrilling activities like zip-lining, exploring forest trails, beach walks, and tending to her hydroponic crops. Her free spirit and love for nature make her a dynamic guide and mentor in the diverse landscapes of Costa Rica.

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