Wildlife Ecology


  • Survey wildlife - from bison to wolves

  • Raft the rapids of the Yellowstone River

  • Explore Yellowstone's one-of-a-kind ecosystem

An abundance of wildlife. Hot pools, boiling mud, and countless other thermal features. America's first National Park is brimming over with natural wonders, and you'll get up close with many of them on this field research course.


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Your Fieldwork

Work with bison: America's mammal

In Yellowstone, bison move through the landscape with the change of the seasons. Work with park researchers to collect vegetation samples at specified sample sites and gather information about bison presence. Data will help the park understand how bison interact with their environment.

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Partner Profile

Yellowstone's bison biology team is the preeminent group of scientists studying bison in the world. They're responsible for studying and managing the largest remnant of the great herds that once roamed the American West. Through its partnership with EPI, the bison team has been able to expand its research and data collection efforts, but perhaps more importantly, the partnership has fostered a deeper appreciation and stewardship of wildlife in our students.