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The world's aquarium


  • Snorkel with sea lions

  • Conduct snorkel censuses for invertebrates

  • Develop your curriculum


Travel to one of the world's richest marine environments for a 7-day professional development program for educators. The Gulf of California, home to a third of the world's marine mammal species, is the perfect place to observe the wonders of the sea and deepen your science teaching curriculum. From our base camp on Espiritu Santo Island, we'll head into the gulf to assist researchers in ongoing marine research. You'll strengthen your familiarity with the NGSS and return home with a renewed sense of inspiration. 


This course is open to all levels of informal or formal educators; no application is needed to enroll.

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Health & Safety

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Your Fieldwork

Coral reef at risk

Coral reef in the Gulf of California is under threat due to an increase in the population of the  crown of thorns starfish. Conduct snorkel transects to help researchers understand the profileration of the species and its affect on the marine ecosystem.


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