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Celebrate Earth Day like EPI!

April is here, a month that brings one of the most significant days dedicated to our planet: Earth Day. At Ecology Project International (EPI), we believe that every day should be an opportunity to honor and protect our natural world.

What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an international holiday celebrated every year on April 22nd. In fact, it was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, making it one of the oldest environmental holidays! People around the globe will come together to celebrate this planet that we all share and can pause to show our gratitude for. Here at EPI, we are gearing up for a day filled with action, education, and appreciation for our environment.

EPI and Earth Day

Last year, some of our EPI staff had the opportunity to partner with local organizations and businesses like Xplorer Maps alongside the Clark Fork River to pull invasive plant species. This collaborative effort not only helped restore the natural balance of our ecosystems but also fostered connections within our community as we worked together towards a common goal.

What Can I Do To Celebrate?

Whether it's volunteering with local organizations, reducing your carbon footprint, or supporting conservation initiatives financially, every action counts! You don't have to be perfect to be the change.

One way you can give this Earth Day is through supporting EPI! Your gift to Ecology Project International will directly contribute to our efforts to protect biodiversity, educate future generations, and conserve the precious home we share.

Join us as we celebrate making a positive impact on our planet this year!

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