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How It Works

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Since 2000, EPI has connected students and teachers with incredible field sites around the world. Whether you travel on your own or with a school group, your EPI course will immerse you in hands-on science. Are you ready?

Teacher/Student Group

Most of our students travel in groups organized by their educators, schools, or organizations. We appreciate the time-intensive work of educators, so we've streamlined our process for you so it's smooth and straightforward, from start to finish. Also, a teacher or chaperone travels at no cost with a group of at least six students.

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Travel on Your Own

Individual students are welcome on EPI courses! If you're a student with an interest in conservation, field science, and cultural immersion, you've come to the right place. Learn more about course options, including our exclusive Research Expeditions, offered only to individual students. Join us in the field in 2017.

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EPI's Participating Schools

Meet Vicky: 2015 Marine Education Fellow

“One thing that really stands out is EPI’s dedication to working with a strong research group and having that strong research base as one of the requirements for choosing their sites, not just touristic value. Beyond that, the curriculum was so strong in this program. As someone fresh from teacher school, everything they teach now is inquiry-based learning. So few teachers, let alone travel organizations, put that into practice, though, and you really have it down at EPI.

I love that this program allowed us the opportunity to do things that I never in... Learn More

Student Stories: Meet Ingrid

Ingrid is an EPI super-scholar. Over the past three years, she participated in courses in Mexico, Yellowstone, and Costa Rica and became deeply familiar with EPI’s programs. She says, “I think the most impressive thing about EPI is their motive, which, from what I’ve seen, is trying to show young people what conservation and ecology are about. Younger people are the next generation, and they hold the world in their hands.” Ingrid's participation in EPI programs gave shape and definition to her dreams, dreams that go beyond personal aspiration and encompass a... Learn More

The EPI Approach to Education & Conservation

The EPI Approach to Education & Conservation

Our courses will take you to incredible locations, but they're more than just travel.

From Yellowstone to the Galapagos Islands, our courses give you insider access to critical ecosystems and the species that make them unique. You'll learn about them through direct, hands-on experience and questions YOU pose about the data you collect. Your data is added to ongoing research projects, helping us better understand and protect our world.