Costa Rica
Sea Turtle Ecology


  • Collect data on leatherback sea turtles

  • Explore a tropical rainforest ecosystem

  • Live like a researcher


Study an endangered reptile with a 100-million-year history. Protect critical ecosystems. Walk beneath lush rainforest canopies and learn about the immense biodiversity of tropical flora and fauna. Exchange ideas about life, science, and our shared world with Costa Rican students.

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Health & Safety

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Tuition, Financial Aid, & Fundraising

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Your Fieldwork

Work with nesting leatherbacks

& protect hatchlings

The Leatherback is the largest of all sea turtles. Join researchers conducting night-time censuses of nesting turtles and collect key biometric data on this threatened species. If nests are found in unsuitable locales, you'll help relocate the nests to ensure the safety and success of the hatchlings.

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Partner Profile

Pacuare Reserve is a scientifically managed wildlife reserve on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. Home to the most important leatherback nesting beach in Costa Rica, the reserve hosts a range of scientists studying sea turtles and other rare wildlife such as the jaguar and agami heron. Fundamental to its model of community-based conservation is the belief that students and teachers must be involved in the scientific study and preservation of wild habitat.