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EPI's travel courses are open to school groups and individual students.

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Belize — Marine Ecology

On an atoll fringed by coral reefs, just offshore from a land of ancient Maya temples and culture, you'll work with researchers to study reef health while you also combat the spread of a beautiful but harmful invasive fish species.... Read More

  • Help slow the spread of the invasive lionfish
  • Search for mammal tracks at a rainforest research station
  • Explore Belizean reefs and rainforests

Costa Rica — Sea Turtle Ecology

Study an endangered reptile with a 100-million-year history. Protect critical ecosystems. Walk beneath lush rainforest canopies and learn about the immense biodiversity of tropical flora and fauna. Exchange ideas about life, science, and our shared world with Costa Rican students.... Read More

  • Collect data on leatherback sea turtles (the world's largest)
  • Explore a tropical rainforest ecosystem
  • Meet Costa Rican students
  • Whitewater raft the Pacuare River or zipline through rainforest canopy

Costa Rica — Research Expedition

The Research Expedition is EPI's most in-depth field program, and it's not for the faint of heart.  The 18-day course traverses Costa Rica, from the sea turtle nesting beaches of the Caribbean, to the country's crown jewel, the Osa Peninsula.  Join us for the adventure... Read More

  • Protect leatherback and green sea turtles
  • Kayak through mangrove forests
  • Help restore threatened tropical habitat

Costa Rica — Osa Peninsula

Explore the Osa Peninsula, one of Earth's great natural treasures. Study coast and rainforest species - from green sea turtles to sloths. Experience the rainforest firsthand.... Read More

  • Kayak through mangrove forests
  • Protect green and olive ridley sea turtles
  • Explore one of the world's most pristine ecosystems

Galapagos — Island Ecology

There's no better laboratory for conservation and biology field studies than the Galapagos Islands. From the waters teeming with species found only here, to the highlands inhabited by giant tortoises, you'll work to understand and protect this fragile ecosystem.... Read More

  • Observe animals found nowhere else on Earth
  • Explore secluded waters & islands
  • Conduct hands-on research with giant Galapagos tortoises in the wild

Mexico — Island Ecology

Snorkel in sky-blue waters full of incredible life. Collect underwater data that helps inform local policy. Spend your days and nights on a captivating island surrounded by protected waters and redrocks.... Read More

  • Snorkel and collect underwater data on sea life
  • Explore the marine diversity of Baja's Sea of Cortez
  • Camp on a pristine beach under the stars
  • Swim with sea lions, tropical fish, and sea stars

Mexico — Turtle Ecology

Journey to the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico, where the waters of Magdalena Bay teem with life and the local fishing tradition co-exists with sea turtle conservation efforts. Study green sea turtles and whales up-close in a dune-strewn ecosystem.... Read More

  • Dive into hands-on research with sea turtles
  • Spot gray whales from a boat's length away
  • Spend your nights under the Baja stars
  • Learn about conservation with local fishermen-scientists

Yellowstone — Winter Ecology

Winter in Yellowstone is a dynamic and thrilling season. Bison crowd around thermal pools while the park's predators prepare their own winter strategies. Travel and learn with EPI - you'll go beyond what most park visitors see by working with park researchers, studying animal... Read More

  • Track wildlife via snowshoe
  • Observe and study wolves with a park expert
  • Visit incredible geothermal features

Yellowstone — Wildlife Ecology

An abundance of wildlife. Hot pools, boiling mud, and countless other thermal features. America's first National Park is brimming over with natural wonders, and you'll get up close with many of them on this field research course.... Read More

  • Survey wildlife - from bison to wolves
  • Raft the rapids of the Yellowstone River
  • Explore Yellowstone's one-of-a-kind ecosystem
  • Check out the park's geysers and thermal features

Hawaii — Hawaii Island Ecology

New in 2018 - EPI is expanding to Hawaii's Valley Isle. Maui is home to natural wonders, vibrant wildlife, and a growing human population. Join us in the field to study tropical ecology and population dynamics in an island ecosystem. ... Read More

  • Hike through tropical volcanic landscapes
  • Learn Hawaiian traditions and history
  • Protect endangered sea turtles

Ecuador — Andes to Amazon Ecology

New in 2018 - EPI heads to mainland Ecuador, home to the headwaters of the Amazon and the paramo, a biodiversity hotspot in the high-elevation cloud forest. Join us to study & track spectacled bears in their remaining habitat.  ... Read More

  • Track and monitor spectacled bears in the Andes
  • Raft the headwaters of the Amazon
  • Visit an indigenous Kichwa community