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15 Years of Growth and Conservation with EPI: A Staff Perspective

It's been 23 years since the words "Ecology Project International" were first uttered by our founders. Choosing a name for your passion project is always an exciting part of bringing it to life. Yet, the final decision is often made privately between the few who take the leap to start something new. Since that first quiet commitment, a lot has grown and changed at EPI, however our name and mission have remained a guiding force that's led to incredible success and impact.

A Record-Breaking Year

2023 has been an incredible year of growth for us. We have a record number of visiting students on course this year at 1,004 participants - that's 200 more than our previous record in 2018. For local student engagement, we've reached 102,000 individuals across our field sites through activities like field programming, virtual classes, beach clean up days, and the work of the Baja Eco Clubs. All in all, we have provided more than 51,750 EPI field experiences this year, both local and visiting, across all of our sites!

Hold up - Let's Rewind

Of course, our numbers didn't always look like this. In fact, numbers can only tell a part of the whole story. Fortunately, our very own Haley Hanson can provide an insight into the gap of the growth story that these numbers don't show.

Haley first joined EPI in 2008 and has been with us for 15 years in a variety of roles. She has recently accepted the role of Interim co-Executive Director, alongside Miguel Fuentes. With a master's degree in environmental education, communication is her special sauce. Her time with EPI has given her an inside perspective on how the growth has unfolded, not just the snapshot of the end results.

Interview with Haley Hanson

We asked Haley to share her thoughts on where EPI was when she first started and what have been the key factors to our growth as an organization.

Keep Looking Forward

We are lucky enough to consistently hear stories about how EPI has changed lives, both inside and outside of the organization. Our goal is to continue making a positive impact on people and the environment. As we celebrate this momentous year, we invite you to embark on this journey of reflection, inspiration, and aspiration.

Together, let's honor the past, acknowledge the present, and embrace the future as we look to the generations of passionate individuals who are now leading the charge for a more sustainable world.

If you want to share your EPI experience after this reflection, send us an email to We'd love to hear your story!

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